Thursday, May 7, 2009


AGENDA: Sat. 05/09/2009

Moderator: Mr. Jackson Nanje

6.30pm: Arrival of Guests and Introductions

7pm: Dinner is Served

7.15 Pm : Lady Kate Welcomes Guests and presents an Overview of the
USA-African Women's Foundation

7.30pm: Mr. Gustave Efotte Presents an overview of Bright Fuh Memorial Fund

7.45pm: Dr. Gwendoline Shang: Presents the Scope of Medical Intervention by BFMF Ms Esther Ayuk: Presents Advocating for a very sick child in Cameroon.

8.15pm: BFMF Financial Report

8.30pm: Keynote Speaker: Ms Abby White, Exective Director of Daisy Eye Cancer Fund, headquarters in UK, Offices in Kenya and Canada

8.50pm: Questions/Answers/comments

22.00: Networking

23.00 : Close

After Dinner Party: TBA

Monday, April 27, 2009


Hilton Marietta Conference Center.


Date: Saturday May 9th 2009

Time: 6.30 pm - 11pm

Event Type: Fine Dining

Location: The Hilton Marietta Conference Center
and Resort.
500 Powder Springs Rd, Marietta Ga, 30067

This is a Fund raising event.

The Launching marks the first physical gathering of supporters and friends of Bright Fuh.

Our Mission is simple: To help very sick Cameroonian children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The BFMF goes operational under the USA based African Women's Development Foundation.
Late Bright Fuh suffered from a rare disease called Retinoblastoma which went untreated for a long time, unfortunately he passed away in January of 2009, when his condition was deemed untreatable by medical experts.

AWDF has obtained consent from Late Bright's Parents to continue his Legacy hence the trust fund is named in his honor. The Fund will help many more Cameroonian children suffering a similar plight.

For more information please call
Lady Kate Njeuma: 678-663-5892
Mr.Gustave Efotte: 301 254 5422
Mr. Jackson Nanje @404-573-6041
Mrs Esther Ayuk: 770 714 2846

Friday, January 9, 2009


Friends and supporters of Little Bright Fuh the warrior who fought a tough fight against a deadly cancer that claimed his life on Thursday January 8th 2009. Bright passed away at the hospital where he had been receiving treatment in Yaounde. The Friends of Bright Fuh Committee will be helping to support the family with the Funeral. The Parents will depart Yaounde today Friday January 9th 2009 to the village of Bafut where Bright will be laid to rest.
Please put the family in your prayers.
Bright is an Angel, he will never be forgotten.
We thank all those who answered to the cry for help.
It was rather too late to Save Bright despite all the support but Bright's Legacy will live on as we re-group and carry on in this path of helping children in need.
Thank You
Lady Kate Njeuma
Friends of Bright Fuh Committee.
678 663 5892

Monday, January 5, 2009

Daisy Eye Cancer Fund a UK/Canada based Charity Joins Bright Fuh Friends

We welcome Ms Abby White and the DECF who have offered their help in planning a good palliative treatment plan for Bright to keep him more comfortable as he struggles with Retino Blastoma. Ms Abby will also be helping to develop a cancer awareness campaign for the cancer program in Cameroon. DECF is in the process of establishing a Center of Excellence in Kenya where other near by countries can also benefit. For more on DECF please visit the website or simply click on the photo above.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Friends of Bright Fuh Committee Members Visit Bright Over Christmas

Thanks for Reading Bright Fuh's Blog and thanks for being Bright's Friend.
Christmas is a time that is so special to everyone, more so to children who look at Christmas as a time when they can have as many toys, gifts, clothes and all kinds of fun stuff to play with and fun times with their families and friends.

Well, Bright remains in the hospital in Yaounde where he is currently being treated and of course with lots of love from his parents and team of healthcare professionals taking care of him.

Well this Christmas, Bright got a visit from some of our committee members who went home this Christmas. The Medical Committee Chair Person Dr. Gwen Shang had visited with Bright and also met with Bright's Doctor. She reported her observations back to the committee. We were pleased that she was able to meet Bright and spend some time with him. Gwen had bought some toys and gifts for Bright, for Christmas.

Two weeks after Gwen's Visit, our Chairman Mr. Gustav Efotte also was able to visit with Bright and Bright's Doctor in Cameroon Prof. Doh. Gustav also presented Bright with a special toy, a talking computer. He described the excitement in Bright's face when he saw toy and for a split second he forgot his pain and tried to get up to play but he was in pain and distress. The nurses helped place the toy where he could reach it without moving his head too much.

I just thought I share the little bit of Christmas that Bright may have had given his condition. Let us continue to Pray for Bright and his parents and all who are caring for him.

Lady Kate Njeuma
Co-ordinator, Friends of Bright Fuh

Monday, December 29, 2008

Thanks to George Esunge from Global Voices

Friends of Bright Fuh Committee say thank you to reporter George Esunge from Global Voices for the report on Bright Fuh. We thank you for helping to draw attention to the needs of Bright and calling for donors to support Bright. In our efforts to help Bright, we have established a Yahoogroup where all friends of Bright Fuh are welcome to share ideas and get feedback on what the Committee is doing as advocates for Bright Fuh, the 4 year old Cameroonian child diagnosed with Retino Blastoma.
To join the group simply send an email to and you will be added to the group. For all those who make donations to the Bright Fuh Trust Fund via paypal or directly to the Bright Fuh Fund with Wachovia Bank, we automatically add your email to the Bright Fuh Yahoogroup because we understand by your actions that you are a true friend of Bright. We encourage everyone to join this group because it is our global initiative to help Bright, connecting friends from different parts of the world in support of Bright.
In the next few days, this blog will also carry the names of all friends of Bright Fuh who have donated to the Trust Fund. We also understand that given the modern day scamming activities conducted thru the internet, it is difficult for people to trust initiatives like these but believe me this is not a scam, we are real people concerned about helping a real child who is diagnosed with a life threatening cancer.

Once again thanks to George Esunge from Global Voices, writing from Senegal, please continue the good work you are doing to shed light on Bright's situation.

To read the Global Voices Publication please click on the image below.

Lady Kate Njeuma RN
Friends of Bright Fuh Committee
678 663 5892


Thursday, December 18, 2008


These are recent images of Bright Fuh in the hospital taken by a reporter from Cameroon Radio and Television CRTV. The recent report on Bright is very disturbing indeed. His situation is getting worse by the day. The tumor is visibly larger that what we saw before and he is in a lot of pain and distress. We are asking all supporters of Bright at home and abroad to join forces so that together we can chanel all our energy towards helping this child.
Please continue to keep Bright in your prayers,
to make a donation for Bright please go to our website and make your kind donation.
We thank you
Lady Kate Njeuma
Bright Fuh Committee Co-ordinator.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanks to Bokwe Mofor and Partners for Serving as a donation
Center in Cameroon and offering their services to help ensure that
Bright Fuh gets the help that he needs.
Bokwe and Partners have Offices in Yaounde, Cameroon and Maryland

Thursday, November 27, 2008


12/11/2008: The story of Fuh Bright Afangwei can hardly be told without holding back tears.
Born of 23-year, Fuh Godwill and 21-year Ambesso Gladys, the story of this 4-year little boy started in 2006 when the child complained of right eye pain. The parents whose monthly income can be estimated at 25000 FRS CFA ($50) instantly took their first son in quest of a proper diagnosis.After criss-crossing a numbers of health centres in the small locality of Bafut where they lived, the boy was later referred to Acha Annex in Bafoussam, a Hospital reputed for treating relatively complicated eye problems.Godwill and Gladys welcomed the doctor’s proposal to carry out a surgery on the sick eye; they even braved the financial cost involved in the treatment.Bright’s right eye was operated upon; that was to begin a new page in the medical history of this little boy who was just two at the time.Four months after the operation, Bright’s mother recounts that the skin around the eye progressively bloated.Several consultations at other medical centres proved fruitless, and Gladys and Godwill cried aloud for help.The Director of the Bamenda Provincial Hospital heard the cry of desperation and referred Bright to the Obstetric, Gynaecological Hospital Yaoundé.In his referral letter of 23rd October 2008, the Director noted that the child had been diagnosed with Right Orbital Tumour.Since then, this family from Bafut, a rural area in the North West Province , is painfully subjected to the odds of Yaoundé, the capital city.The burden is heavy but they still cling on hope even though, there have been no apparent improvement on the child, so far.Close to six weeks after this new adventure, no solution seems to be insight and as one of our readers indicated, the clock is ticking faster for Bright and the confused Gladys and Godwill now depend on people of goodwill to give them more reason to hope.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bright Fuh the Little Cameroonian Child who needs our Urgent Help!!!!!

Bright is a jovial 4 year old, suffering from an aggressive Retinoblastoma, per initial discussions with his doctors in Cameroon. Retinoblastoma is a rare form of cancer that begins in the part of the eye called the retina, which is a thin layer of nerve tissue that enables us to see. Most cases are unilateral (involving only one eye) as in Brightʼs case, but some may be bilateral. If the retinoblastoma spreads, it can spread to the lymph nodes, bones, or the bonemarrow. Rarely, it involves the central nervous system.

Thank you for reading this Special Issue of our Newsletter, presenting a special child who needs our help. Bright Fuh is a little 4 year old in Cameroon who needs urgent help. AWDF has set up a Special Committee of friends and supporters who want to help in every way possible. Our goal is to raise funds and get Bright treated in the United States of America. We need your help so please join us.

Bright is a jovial 4 year old, suffering from an aggressive Retinoblastoma, per initial discussions with his doctors in Cameroon. Retinoblastoma is a rare form of cancer that begins in the part of the eye called the retina, which is a thin layer of nerve tissue that enables us to see. Most cases are unilateral (involving only one eye) as in Brightʼs case, but some may be bilateral. If the retinoblastoma spreads, it can spread to the lymph nodes, bones, or the bonemarrow. Rarely, it involves the central nervous system.

Bright and his mother Gladys
In Brigh's case, his tumor is unilateral, and per conversations with the doctors taking care of him in Cameroon, it is growing aggressively. He had surgery 2 years ago to remove the tumor but it has recurred with a rather aggressive growth, now involving over half of his face, extending into his facial bone structures and also some involvement of his brain tissue.
We are also informed he began chemo therapy to slow down the growth of this tumor with very little success as you can see from the pictures. At this point, intervention will not only be a shot at improving his quality of life but also at saving his life.

At this point, it is needless to say that bright's quality of life is not even close to what we would like to see for a 4 year old. He gets stares from people all day long, live with the pain and discomfort of his condition. What however gives us the hope and drive to help Bright is his great spirit.

He is playful whenever he can find a friend who is not scared of him, his voice is commanding with the desire for a better life, a chance to live, he sends us a message through his gracious smile hidden behind this growth that he just wants to be a happy little boy, with big dreams too.

Lets put our efforts together and give this child a chance. Lets give ourselves a chance to know we responded to a call for a good deed too, by helping Bright. Lets give Bright a chance to show us his real smile.

By Gwendoline Shang MD
Friends of Bright Fuh Committee